Exile - EX1 Skimboard
Exile - EX1 Skimboard Exile - EX1 Skimboard Exile - EX1 Skimboard
$ 325.00

The EX1™ is the perfect skimboard for beginners all the way up to advanced riders.  Reasonably priced at $325, this one board is able to take riders big and small from the basics all the way up to riding heavy shorebreak and sidewash!  It is the perfect economical foam skimboard for riders of all sizes!

SHAPE:  Available in our best selling, world championship winning,  ‘Hybrid Shape’, which excels in all conditions.

THICKNESS:  5/8″ on sizes XS & S, 3/4″ on sizes M, L, & XL
COLORS:  Available in a wide range of Exile colors.
ART:  All EX1 skimboards come with resin art on the bottom!
FINISH:  Showroom gloss finish.

– Premium Polyester Resin
– High Density PVC Core
– Heavy E-glass Reinforcement  –  Extra heavy glass for extra durability!