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  • 產品名稱:SIGMA瓊脂糖
  • 產品貨號:V900510
  • 產品規格:100g
  • 產品品牌:SIGMA
  • 供應商:Sigma-Aldrich
  • 產品產地: USA 產品價格:¥228
  • 產品說明書:
  • 保存于運輸說明:
  • RT
  • 詳細信息:
  • 本公司SIGMA VETEC瓊脂糖2014年6月1日至7月30日7折推廣促銷 
    5瓶以內 228元/瓶,
    5-10瓶 228元/瓶,贈送50元手機充值卡

    一樣的價格 不一樣的品質 有木有;
    實實在在的優惠 多買多送 有木有

    The following is a list of properties associated with our agaroses:
    Sulfate content - used as an indicator of purity, since sulfate is the major ionic group 

    Gel strength - the force that must be applied to a gel to cause it to fracture.
    Gel point - the temperature at which an aqueous agarose solution forms a gel as it cools. 

    Agarose solutions exhibit hysteresis in the liquid-to-gel transition - that is, their gel 

    point is not the same as their melting temperature. 
    Electroendosmosis (EEO) - a movement of liquid through the gel. Anionic groups in an 

    agarose gel are affixed to the matrix and cannot move, but dissociable counter cations can 

    migrate toward the cathode in the matrix, giving rise to EEO. Since electrophoretic 

    movement of biopolymers is usually toward the anode, EEO can disrupt separations because 

    of internal convection.

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